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Volunteer Positions


Each of these jobs must be filled with volunteers to enable us to put on a quality show. Your help and co-operation is greatly appreciated! Please email us if you would like to sign up for one of the jobs below.


Prior to Carnival


Costumes: NOT JUST SEWING! We have some jobs that are gluing, hemming, sewing ribbons/sequins, etc. 


Props- Making or painting of props, we have a wide range of items to be made of all skill levels! 


Program:  We are looking for someone who can design a program. A template can be provided or you can design your own. 


Printing: We are looking for someone who can print our programs and staple our programs. 


Spotlights: We need someone to pick up the equipment on Friday in Cambridge on Franklin. Drop off would be on Sunday. A truck is needed. They are in heavy duty cases. We will arrange for someone to unload/load at the arena.



Dress Rehearsal


Dressing Room Parent: Watch your child's group while in the dressing room. Assist them to and from the ice and to the photo room.


Sanitize: Spray the dressing room(s) down after 


Photographer & Assistant: We will need a volunteer to take photos, and a helper to assist the photographer in lining kids up 



Day of Carnival


Carnival Set Up: Meet at noon on Saturday. Help set up props in lobby, on ice we set up the curtain backdrop, spot lights set up in the stands, covering the boards, setting up raffle tables, etc.,


Spotlights: We need 8 volunteers to run the spotlights during the show. No experience needed. 


Music Room (will train)


Videographer:  Looking for someone to video tape one of the shows. You will need a camera and a stand. We would have you on the edge of the ice


Dressing Room Parent: Responsible for watching your child's group either in the dressing room or in the stands. Assisting them to and from the ice for their performance. It wouldn't be for the whole show. 


Ticket, Programs & Flower Sales in Lobby


Raffle Table: Sell raffle tickets and assist winners claiming items


Ice Captain: Responsible for getting each group from the change room to the ice


Costume Hand In: After the last show, gather all costumes/accessories from 4 changerooms and hang up on clothing rack in hall way. One parent per group.


Carnival Cleanup: this job is done directly after the evening show. It involves taking all of the props, backdrop curtains, etc. off the ice and putting them into the storage room under the bleachers. Takes about 20-30 minutes.


If you have a special talent that  you think we could use, please contact us!