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Skate Canada's CanSkate Program

3 & 4 Year Olds - PreCanSkate 

This program is designed to teach the very young skater basic movement on the ice and inspire confidence. This program has a strong element of play built in to encourage and capture the attention of young students. This program will help to prepare the young skater for our Mainstream CanSkate program. Skaters who register for this must be 3 years old by Oct. 1st or age 4 by Dec. 31st.  The program will offer one 30 minute session per week and will be held on Thursdays.   This session will be instructed and assessed by a professional Skate Canada coach and lead by Volunteer Program Assistants (P.A.s).


Mainstream CanSkate (2 day program for Stages 1-6, including "Pre-Star" = Stages 5& 6)

This program is designed by SKATE CANADA. Our program is geared toward skaters 5 years and older. There are 6 Stages (including PreCanskate) and 3 Fundamentals (Balance, Control and Agility) for each Stage to be covered. Skaters will advance at their own pace based on their individual talent and skills achieved. Skills are assessed by the professional coaches on a daily basis and a ribbon for each Fundamental is awarded when all of the skills can be performed at the desired performance level for that Stage. Badges achieved throughout the season will be presented to each skater at the Annual Awards Night in April.

Stages 1 through 6 will skate with the Mainstream CanSkate sessions Tuesdays and Thursdays. This program is instructed and assessed by a professional Skate Canada coaches and lead by volunteer P.A.’s (program assistants).

  *Once skaters at DDFSC are in Stage 5 and above, they become candidates for our Pre-Star program.  Please speak to one of our coaches for further information on sessions, options, and scheduling that is best for you and your skater.